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Autism Awareness

HAAPE is a non-profit organization. HAAPE tax id IS 81-1709197.

The demands of living with a person with autism are great, and families frequently experience high levels of stress. Parents have to deal with behaviors and pursue treatments while also planning for the future; siblings might feel embarrassed or overlooked; and it’s important for the whole family to stay involved in the community. Recognizing and preparing for the challenges in store will make a tremendous difference to everyone involved, including parents, siblings, grandparents, extended family, teachers and friends.

The uniqueness of each person with autism makes the experience of living with autism different for each family. But there are some consistent themes or issues that most families should be aware of to be able to provide the best support to the individual and to family members.

HAAPE is committed to provide awareness programs to inform adolescents and young adults about autism by:

  • Creating HAAPE Club initiatives in high schools to disseminate information about autism
  • Recruiting high school and college graduates with autism to participate in technology and vocations programs


HAAPE is committed to ensure that after they complete their formal education, young adults with autism make meaningful progress. Through our work, we hope to inspire personal growth and development, offer a sense of mastery and accomplishment, and to allow them to reach greater levels of independence.