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Partner with Us

Partnerships are strategic alliances between nonprofit and profit organizations that are intended to achieve greater impact together than either can achieve individually. Being our partner can benefit both organizations by:

Increasing our influences

Strengthening and expanding our programs and services

Introducing new programs and services

Reaching new markets

Forming a partnership with HAAPE makes good sense for the following reasons:

Increase your limited resources to better and more efficiently reach your customers

Promote greater creativity and spur innovation

Increase your capabilities while taking less risk

Obtain more accurate and reliable information before making major decisions

Work more efficiently

Promote teamwork and camaraderie

Partnering with HAAPE provides many opportunities to work together including:





Exchanging ideas



Partner with HAAPE

Send us your information by filling out the form below and click on “send”. Or call Larry Rothman at (732) 586-7367 to further discuss the opportunities of becoming HAAPE’s partner.

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