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We need your help and financial support to meet our goals. Every penny counts! 100% of your donations go towards our projects to help Young Adults with Autism.

SpectrumTech Center

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Awareness About Autism

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Educational Support

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Who We Are

HAAPE is an all-volunteer organization striving to improve the lives of Young Adults with Autism.


(1) Provide adults with autism the opportunity to benefit from meaningful employment to become more independent and enhance their lives.

(2) Educate parents, teachers and prospective employers about autism


(1) Establish a technology center as a workplace for adults with autism that will provide training, employment, and a social environment conducive to their needs

(2) Work with employers to provide an autism-friendly workplace environment

(3) Establish a unique job board website designed exclusively for (a) employers to post jobs only for qualified adults with autism, and (b) adults with autism to post resumes and find jobs that match their specific skill set

(4) Work with parents, teachers and prospective employers to develop strategies that will enhance the educational, social, independent and communicative success of children and young adults on the autism spectrum.


(1) SpectrumTech Center
• Pilot Center
• Expansion to Additional Locations

(2) Autism-Friendly Work Environment Training

(3) Autism Awareness for adolescents

(4) Educational Support for Individuals With Autism

(5) Vocational Center For Adults With Autism

Our Sponsors

Fundraising Commitment

HAAPE organizes various fundraising events attended by volunteers and caring individuals who want to make a real difference in the lives of adults with autism.

List of Projects

HAAPE will focus its resources on several projects over the next few years.


SpectrumTech Technology Center

SpectrumTech provides training for employment and placement through the use of a proprietary Job Board and other resources.


Autism-Friendly Work Environment

HAAPE is working with prospective employers to develop and implement a certification program to ensure that work conditions meet the special needs of adults with autism.


Autism Awareness

About 1% of the world’s population has Autism Spectrum Disorder. HAAPE is reaching out to local high school students to build awareness and support among fellow students as they approach graduation.


Educational Support

HAAPE is developing programs to educate parents, teachers and prospective employers that will help children and adults with autism to realize their full potential.


Vocational Center

HAAPE’s proposed vocational center will provide training and support so that adults with autism can utilize their specific strengths and skills for which they are best suited to find meaningful employment.

Interesting Facts About Autism


Worldwide, there are approximately 70 million people that are autistic


Autism in the U.S. costs each family approximately $60,000 per year


There are approximately 4 million people with autism in the U.S.


Autism is usually diagnosed by age 4 in the United States

HAAPE is Volunteering

HAAPE is an All-Volunteer organization that raises money to help those with autism improve their lives.


HAAPE has no salaried employees. Volunteers play a pivotal role in changing the lives of those with autism. Read more about volunteering with HAAPE. HAAPE needs you!


Each opinion, each thought and each person matters.

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