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Summit Aerospace shines as a prime example of successful autistic employment, offering a blueprint for others to follow. In early March, the Executive Board of HAAPE had the privilege of visiting Summit Aerospace’s impressive 190,000-square-foot facility. We witnessed firsthand the seamless integration of five autistic employees into the workforce and the company culture.

What Summit noticed was the exceptional performance of these autistic individuals, surpassing that of their neurotypical colleagues. Their dedication and loyalty were evident and they required only minimal environmental adjustments. The most significant impact was in the company’s firm commitment to further foster an environment of tolerance, patience, respect, and understanding for the unique needs of their autistic colleagues.

Located in Medley, Florida, Summit Aerospace offers comprehensive repair services for major commercial, military, and regional aircraft, all regulated by the FAA. It enjoys a sterling reputation in the industry.

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Barbara Slutsky

A 20-year Weston resident and newly retired, Barbara has a sales and advertising background. She lived in Germany and worked for Leo Burnett for 5 years in the 90’s and still retains her ability to converse in German.

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