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Enyol Martinez, our founding member of the Autistic Advisory Board, recently graduated as a leader at Segadores de Vida church, a milestone that has been twenty years in the making. Enyol began attending the church with his mother and brother, at the tender age of seven, and over the years, he has grown into a remarkable individual whose journey has inspired many.

From a young age, Enyol displayed an extraordinary passion for the Bible. But it wasn’t until he felt God’s calling a few years ago, that he decided to pursue his passion. His teachers and peers were constantly amazed by his deep understanding and knowledge of the scriptures. One of his teachers remarked, “It’s incredible the Bible knowledge he has. He has been teaching me about a few things. His passion and knowledge of the word of God is unmatched, and his love and sensitivity for God’s presence are truly inspiring.”

Enyol’s prophetic gift became apparent as he grew older. He often shared insights and Bible verses that resonated deeply with the person he ministered to, offering guidance and comfort.

His unique ability to connect with God’s presence and convey His messages with clarity and compassion made him a cherished member of the church community.

Understanding the importance of faith and community, especially for someone on the spectrum, Enyol’s mother took a significant step to support others like him. She initiated Haape Inclusive Houses of Worship at the organization, recognizing that faith and community are crucial for individuals with autism to thrive and work in what they are called to do. “He has been supported tremendously by our Pastor Rudy Gracia, whom Enyol admires so much and his leaders and teachers. He also has a prophetic community through Pastor Jim Jergensen who has mentored him too. It takes a village to raise a child and it’s our commitment at Haape that it’s an inclusive community.” Maria said.

Despite the challenges he faced due to his autism, Enyol’s determination and faith never wavered. He dedicated himself to studying the Bible, often spending hours immersed in its teachings. His commitment and fervor were evident to all who knew him, and his journey became a testament to the power of faith and perseverance.

Now at the age of 26, Enyol’s leadership at Segadores de Vida is a testament to his incredible journey. He continues to inspire others with his profound biblical knowledge, his prophetic insights, and his unwavering love for God’s presence. Enyol’s story, and his mother’s initiative through Haape, serve as powerful reminders that with faith, dedication, and a supportive community, individuals with autism can overcome any obstacle and achieve great things.

Barbara Slutsky

A 20-year Weston resident and newly retired, Barbara has a sales and advertising background. She lived in Germany and worked for Leo Burnett for 5 years in the 90’s and still retains her ability to converse in German.

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