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HAAPE Foundation

What is HAAPE?

HAAPE is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is a difference maker. We fill a void for autistic adults after graduation when they no longer qualify to receive benefits from government agencies.

We bring positive change and opportunity to an area of great need. Between 80 to 90 percent of autistic adults are either under-employed or unemployed. Such a result is a significant hardship for autistic adults and their families – and extremely costly to society.

We raise autism awareness and match our training programs to the unique and often overlooked talents of autistic adults in order to find appropriate and sustained career employment.

What does HAAPE do for all autistic people?

HAAPE was organized with two goals in mind: (1) raise awareness of issues involving autistic adults who lose many of government-provided benefits after they graduate from high school or college; and (2) help find appropriate and sustained employment for qualified autistic adults who wish to find self fulfilment and independence.

How does HAAPE raise awareness for Autism?

HAAPE is invested in raising the awareness of autism in many ways. We have specific initiatives such as Autism Friendly Cities and Business/Organizations, HAAPE Clubs in high schools and colleges, HAAPE Parents Groups, and our Houses of Worship program.

Additionally, we utilize social media to reach out to communities and we work closely with schools, colleges, employers, local governments, other non-profit foundations, as well as community leaders, as a unified team.

What makes HAAPE different from other autistic-related organizations?

In this new world of inclusivity, HAAPE’s training programs are specifically designed for autistic individuals at various levels of the autism spectrum. Each program can potentially provide a much-needed pathway to career employment leading to stability, sustainability, and finally, an independent lifestyle.

Is HAAPE an employment agency?

No. HAAPE is a training and employment facilitator, not an employment agency. HAAPE collaborates with industry partners to create training programs that lead to employment opportunities, all specifically designed for the neurodiverse. While we work to familiarize candidates with our training programs and the employers that typically hire graduates from these programs, we do not provide direct candidate assessment or provide placement services.

In general, HAAPE does not provide medical/clinical assistance, transportation and/or housing, job placement and assessment, counseling, referrals, and other support services normally available through other organizations. HAAPE supports its training programs financially and also may provide financial aid to qualified candidates.

Where are the current HAAPE locations?

We now proudly have active chapters and/or representatives in ten (10) US locations: FL (3), CA (2), IL (2), GA, PA and TX. We will be opening in new locations as more volunteers sign up and will continue to expand to new cities as more people learn about HAAPE and want to partner with us. Our Weston, FL headquarters welcomes new partners who wish to further our mission and vision.

HAAPE Programs

What is the application process for HAAPE employment programs?

Qualified autistic adults may apply to HAAPE’s employment programs by visiting our website and filling out the online application form specific to the program and employment area of interest. After your application is reviewed, you will receive an email with the links to register to those programs operated by our partners. Our HAAPE team can help you if necessary as you going through the registration process. Note that HAAPE is a majority nonprofit foundation that does not operate the training programs offered on our website.

Is there any specific qualification required to apply for the Avionics program?

While specific qualifications vary by position, a high school diploma is all you need.

Can candidates with a non-technical background apply for document management positions?

Yes. Document management roles encompass various tasks for which specific training is provided. Candidates with organizational skills, attention to detail, and proficiency in document software are encouraged to apply.

What opportunities are available in the supply chain department, and what skills are you looking for?

Supply chain management has gained significant importance since the Covid pandemic showed just how important and difficult it is to bring products and services to the market in an efficient and timely fashion.

Our supply chain positions involve inventory management, procurement, transportation, regulations and logistics. Skills in data analysis, negotiation, and supply chain software are beneficial. Positions are available for any business that utilizes an inventory system to store goods after production but prior to distribution.

Is prior experience necessary for the FAA certified drone pilot program?

Prior experience is helpful but not necessary. Training is offered for beginners who must complete our drone pilot training program designed to allow successful candidates to meet the specific requirements to obtain an official FAA Drone Pilot license.

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