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SPIN became aware of HAAPE at the Philadelphia Sheriff’s Department Autism Town Hall in April of 2023, and it was as if a bright light shone on stage! We have long awaited a new and unique opportunity for young adults/adults as they transition from high school.

HAAPE IS that opportunity! With the hands-on support of Kelly Furey, individuals with Autism are supported from the first moment to learn about the amazing programs that HAAPE has to offer. The Drone Pilot Program was exactly what one of our young adults needed, and he fell in love with from the first moment! Ms. Furey goes above and beyond to make sure young individuals and their families understand options, explore possibilities and match their interests and needs if they wish to go forward.

We have connected young people and their parents to this program since April, and it has been enriching and exciting for all involved! Often, our young adults feel uncertain of the typical offerings when leaving school, and aren’t sure where to begin. HAAPE provides a tailor-made supportive approach.  We continue to share this program with families as they reach transition age, among the resources available in Philadelphia. We are truly grateful for HAAPE and look forward to continuing to share this amazing program with others.

Karen Smith, MSW

Supervisor at SPIN

It was a chance meeting on a rainy spring day at the West Chester, Pennsylvania, Post Office that changed everything. I was sitting in my car fretting over my son’s employment situation. Brilliant and talented and accomplished. Yet, still no job or clear career path. I knew that his neuro divergent tendencies were blocking him from moving forward with an independent life that he so badly wanted. And that’s when it happened.

Almost on cue a car drove up with a placard screaming words I couldn’t believe I was seeing. The sign spelled out HAAPE-Helping Adult Autism Perform and Excel. It just showed up! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. That’s how I met Kelly Furey. After she recovered from practically being knocked down, much like Tigger welcomes Winnie the Pooh, she took the time and interest to hear about my son. She explained what HAAPE does and then reached out to my son and began to assist him with next steps. That was about 4 months ago.

This coming Tuesday he will become part of a training cohort that will train him with employable and skills that are currently in demand. I feel like a miracle has occurred. We are so grateful. Thank you, Kelly, and The HAAPE Organization for providing the lift so needed.

Nancy Forbes


It is a pleasure to write about Kelly Biborosch Furey and the incredible dedication she genuinely gives to her passion, HAAPE. I am a local community member and have known Kelly for many years. HAAPE is committed to helping students find their pathway to employment and is a helpful resource to the Autism Community.

Kelly brings HAAPE to numerous community events, she participates in workshops and speaks at events with her whole heart. To hear her speak proves her incredible devotion to this non-profit group.

I’ve also had the opportunity to observe Kelly in HAAPE action. I volunteered alongside her and witnessed Kelly share information about HAAPE to our local communities.

Kelly works tirelessly to put HAAPE on the map in Pennsylvania. I see the HAAPE vehicle driving around our community often. Kelly is always on the go making sure HAAPE is visible.

Catherine Mozino

Devon, Pennsylvania

HAAPE is an exceptional organization that supports an under-served population, those on the Autism spectrum. The training programs they offer are exceptionally well designed. The partnerships they have with other organizations are excellent.

The individuals running this organization are compassionate and committed to supporting those on the Spectrum to live independent lives. I have personal experience with a family member who has benefited from HAAPE’s services. I highly recommend this organization.

Jamie Goodman

This organization is absolutely remarkable. HAPPEE Helps adults with autism find jobs and succeed. And everyone is a volunteer!! A true Non-profit organization.

Laura Hernandez

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