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Brett Carpenter

Autism Expert Board Member

Founder of CHAMP

Brett Carpenter is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Following graduation Brett joined the engineering department of Florida Power and Light until his retirement after 38 years of employment. 13 years in engineering, 14 years at a power plant, and the last 11 years in the training department provided Brett with a wide range of experience in people, processes, and technology.

As a father of a son, diagnosed with autism in 1998 at two years old, Brett and his wife Angie have made every effort to help their son be the best “Reese” he can be. At present, Reese holds two jobs. First, he is returning to the Juno Beach Café restaurant he started at 17 after a self-imposed quarantine for over a year. Second, Reese is working 3 days a week as a PE teacher’s aide at the charter school for autism he graduated from. Finally, Brett and his wife Angie founded the non-profit CHAMP which supports special needs persons of all ages by providing FREE recreational activities and providing employment/employment skills training.

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