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Frank Amato

Professional Advisory Board Member

Frank Amato is a local native and retired resident of Central Florida with degrees in Electronics and Biomedical Engineering Technology from Brevard State College.

His career in the Biomedical Field spanned over 40 years in research and development of scientific opto-spectrophotometry instrumentation and services and received a medical device patent for hematology systems in cooperation from Stanford University, California and the Business Incubator of the University of Central Florida.

In 2016, Mr. Amato received his clinical diagnosis of high-level Autism and has since contributed his time in clinical and neurological research of adult autism with the University of Gainsville and with interactive communication studies of autism with Florida Atlantic University.

The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, (CARD), from the University of Central Florida, and its well-respected team, has also been most generous to receive Mr. Amato who enjoys in promoteing the Center’s cause and efforts in Central Florida.

When CARD events occur that are inclusive of more elderly adults on the Spectrum, Mr. Amato participates in group discussions and one-on-one conversations towards encouragement and diverse topics to those wishing to participate. Thus far, these gatherings have been coordinated with CARD Representative, Ms. Gesa Barto, in the Central Florida area.

Other activities included Autism Awareness discussions with the Central Florida Rotary Club towards the needs that adults on the Spectrum need to become more welcomed into the labor sectors. These endeavors have invited considerations that opportunities into sustained employment should be made with corporate Human Resources (HR) personnel in bringing awareness not only to HR, but also to pre-enrich potential corporate team member employees of these unique persons’ character and abilities into their circles.

Currently, Mr. Amato also participates within his community promoting interests in Amateur Radio communications as a scientific hobby and holds its highest level of operations license of Extra Class.

Interests and personal research into stocastic resonance technologies and binaural audo stimulation using closed-loop feedback systems is a technical venture being personally persued. His spare time is shared with his spouse of 35 years, Caridad, their son, Andrew, local relatives and friends

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