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“Paperless” Pierre Smith

Autism Expert Board Member

Owner, Scan it Forward

As the senior Laserfiche consultant and co-founder of Information Consultants, Inc., Pierre Smith leads an experienced team of sales and solutions consultants with deep experience in enterprise content management (ECM), document management, business process management (BPM) and workflow and eforms automation.

His root in programming means he understands how to create and customize solutions from the code level, and he still works closely with his team to develop application processes and logic. In addition to his expertise with Laserfiche, “Paperless Pierre” also has a broad range of experience across the corporate digital solution spectrum. He has consulted with Fortune 1000 companies on a variety of IT needs, including application solutions, server hardware (mid-range systems), capacity planning, disaster recovery, system and database integration, CRM, and custom software application development, among other topics.

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