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Rich Bentley


Rich is retired and living the “good life” in Weston, FL. Prior to moving down to Florida from Vienna, VA, in 2011, he was President of Marketing Designs, Inc., a marketing and consulting firm. As a marketing professional, Rich helped commercial, industrial, government and charitable concerns by providing custom imprinted promotional products as part of an overall marketing strategy. As a consultant, Rich represented the interests of the very largest First-Class mailers as an expert witness before the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission. Prior to founding Marketing Designs, Inc. in 1981, Rich was a senior program engineer for Systems Consultants, Inc., a national consulting firm.

Before that Rich worked at the U.S. Postal Rate Commission as a senior analyst and testified on behalf of the General public with respect to postal rates. Rich graduated from Cornell University with a BS in industrial engineering/operations research in 1972 and was awarded an MBA degree in marketing in 1973. Rich is very proud of his three thriving daughters and is blessed with seven grandchildren.

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