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Silvia Gil, M.S. Ed

Professional Advisory Board Member

Founder and CEO, Neuro Consulting Solutions

Silvia has over 15 years of experience working to promote inclusion for neurodiverse individuals. Silvia’s dream is to foster the creation of environments designed to promote the well-being and productivity for all by bringing awareness to an underserved and misunderstood population. It is this combination of her love of environment building with her knack for not only finding solutions, but seeing them through, that lead to the creation of NCS.

Silvia received her bachelor’s and master’s of science in special education from Florida International University. There, she began developing her foundation in the neurodiverse community. Silvia began her career as a special education teacher where she fostered her passion and honed her skills for building effective supports for her students. These skills were further developed through her time working as an educational case manager and eventually the manager of the transition and adult division for a non-profit focused on individuals with autism and related disabilities.

Having worked with non-profits and individual families, to fortune 500 companies and premier academic institutions, Silvia understands the benefits companies and communities stand to gain by accommodating and embracing the neurodiverse population.

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