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Document Management and Scanning

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Members build on their skills and experiences that they already have and incorporate their strengths into day to day work activities.

This is a program which teaches document scanning and management.

Document Management and Scanning

Scan It Forward helps organizations save money and increase employee productivity by going paperless with purpose. Scan It Forward creates teams in local communities.

They build on the skills and experiences that their employees already have and incorporate their strengths into day to day work activities. Solutions that help organizations of any size go from paper-based storage and processes to digital storage and automation.

Scanning Document Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Checkout our HAAPE Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledge Base.

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We are looking for people who want to give back to society by making a profound difference in the lives of people with ASD. If you have been touched by autism, you know first-hand the challenges we face and the assistance HAAPE needs.

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